Quantum Leap Performance

Below you can see the performance of Quantum Leap recommendations for the last few years. These figures show the average percentage change of all tips (including nap selections) for each year from the date the shares were recommended to 8th August 2012. The figures are based on the change in the mid-price of tipped stocks, excluding the bid-offer spread and dealing costs, but also dividends.

The second column shows the average performance of QL tips assuming that none had been sold, whereas the third column shows the performance if the Quantum Leap recommended stop losses had been in place. Finally, as a comparison, the last column shows the change in the FTSE All-Share index from its average level in each year to its level on 8th August 2012.

I urge you to study this table and draw your own conclusions about Quantum Leap, but please remember that past performance should not be considered a reliable indicator of future performance.


QL Average Change (without stop losses)

QL Average Change (with stop losses)

FTSE All-Share













2012 (to August)




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